Hailing from Maine, Getch, already with one retirement under his belt, has made bringing people to his basement a hobby. One late morning in April, King Scott rang Getch’s phone to inform him he would the 301st member of Team Rizz. On 1 May 2018, Getch donned the Jersey.

In 2014 Kevin was sucked into the YouTube vortex when he stumbled upon a video of Tony Patrico having items shoved in his face by Rizz while being blindfolded. That was the moment when Getch was hooked in. A few month later, Rizz was handed the keys to the morning show and the rest is history. Getch listens to the show every morning from start to finish, and if work takes him away from the radio he catches the podcast.

The early bird may get the worm, but it’s the second mouse who gets the cheese.
— Unknown

Birthday suit.jpg