STL Weirdo | You went Dwight Yokum on me & Alexandra Kay

We are back with Episode 41 with special Guest Alexandra Kay. This Waterloo IL native’s music videos have over 30 million plays on YouTube, she was on the hit Netflix series Westside and is about to go on the Dive Bar Dream Tour. We talk about her journey in the music industry and some of the challenges she has faced along the way. Also, enjoy her song "You think you know someone" at the end of the podcast. We also play finish the 90's country lyrics game with her where someone has to eat a spoon full of hot sauce.

STL Weirdo | Egg drop soup in the pants & TR 126 (Part 2)

Finishing up our second part with Momma Melissa. We learn about a mishap at Red Lobster which she needed assistance from her mom. She tells how much Team Rizz means to her and how she's become the team Mom. Also, tell us what you think of her idea as an alternative to the RoF competition. We talk about St Louis sports and why they hate Boston with Getch. And Uncle Ken gives us insight into how an empty pool turned his life around.

STL Weirdo | He sweats eating canned fruit, and TR# 181 and #279

Emily and Matt share there experience being the first married Team Rizz members. How they met working at Target and where Matt likes to lay pipe. We see how what Matt does Emily when play the Newlywed Game. Doug and Getch eat a spicy pickle and see if Matt can beat Ken's mark of 1:00 in the Toe of Satan Challenge. We also preview the song "Danger" from the band It Comes in Waves.