STL Weirdo | It's a romping good time and TR #191

Team Rizz #191 Melissa Turner and her 17 tattoos and 7 piercings is with us today. She tells us a story about when she flashed Rizz and Patrico. Played tambourine with the Gin Blossoms, met Powerman 5000 and Justin from Blue October. She was also neighbors with local murderer Pamela Huff. We play more bean trivia and if you check our Facebook page, you can see Getch eat a stink bug.

STL Weirdo | The whole donut came out and TR #51

Team Rizz #51 Trucker Jerry is "one of us" today. He tells us about his time as a soul man, stripper and truck driver. You'll need to hear how he died twice and how that changed his life. Find out why Doug now has to shock his butthole and we play Jellybean trivia with some Team Rizz members. Check out the band Hard Loss and their song In the Grey at the end of the podcast.

STL Weirdo | This podcast is gay and TR #119

Team Rizz #119 Lea Noble and Lexi Francis stop by to tell us how the met, what Lea used to do when she drank too much at her old house. What Lexi was offered by a woman looking for food money, and we play some jelly bean trivia with Team Rizz members. Also, Doug fills us in on how to "tuck" when dressing in drag. Ken and Getch tell us how the Rizz Show podcast visit went and more.

STL Weirdo | You had the Hell's Henchmen as your Neighbor and TR #173

How can a girl who grew up in the Chicago area where her Dad befriended the Hell's Henchmen Biker Group be nervous when she met Jeff Burton for the first time? Team Rizz #173 Christina Buehler tells us all about it as well how much her kids love the Rizz Show, and how her daughter loved bringing Tony Skittles. Getch shares his high school senior prank and Uncle Ken says he was shy in high school. We also play some more Beanboozled Trivia with Team Rizz members.